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  1. You want to find new opportunities in Europe and Asia

  2. You don't have a professional to follow it up

  3. You have no experience in European market

  4. You need a professional sales pitch for the retailer

  5. You want to make sure that you have success

Why Us?

  1. Setting up the sourcing strategy, sourcing process

  2. Expertise in trade between Europe and Asia

  3. Successful experience in product development

  4. More than 10 years of industry experience

  5. Proven successful results of sourcing and sales in the FMCG industry



  1. Finding the supplier

  2. Negotiate the price and conditions

  3. Implement a sourcing strategy

  4. Set up a sourcing process

  5. Supply chain optimalization

Label development

  1. Private label development

  2. Retailer label development

  3. Branding strategy

  4. Label compliance

  5. Packaging material selection

Sales development

  1. Retailer sales strategy

  2. Sales pitch to the buyer

  3. B2B market research

  4. Implement a sales strategy

  5. Key account management

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